Tuesday, November 28, 2023

traffic violence

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It’s Time To Talk About Speed. No, Not The Adderall Shortage.

A society with 40,000 deaths each year from traffic violence can’t claim to be virtuous, progressive, or innovative– at least, not when we have plenty of proven solutions to reduce the rates of traffic fatalities.

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Book Review: Rise of the Warrior Cop, by Radley Balko

A new book looks at the militarization of police forces in the United States, how it costs taxpayers a staggering amount of money, threatens American democracy, and, above all else, doesn’t actually do much to reduce crime.

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MSP: Seat Belt Use Drops To Lowest in 17 Years

The Michigan State Police released data from a study today that showed that fatalities are on the rise, while seatbelt usage is on the decline. We look at how this plays out across a few jurisdictions.

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New Grand River Streetscaping: Safer, Slower, Greener

New streetscaping improvements have turned portions of Grand River Avenue, on Detroit’s West Side, from a street-level freeway into something more closely resembling a real city street that people might be able to safely hang out and shop on.

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Morning Coffee, Detroit Traffic: The Post-COVID Craze Is About To Be Wild

Yesterday, Detroit was a whole traffic jam, as an increasingly vaccinated cross-section of, well, everyone, emerged from the cocoons of Michigan winter and lockdowns.

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Police Reform: Imagining New Roles For A Safer, More Functional Society

We expect police to respond to, well, everything. And they’re not suited for it. Rethinking policing in the United States will require us to figure out alternatives for who is responding to what issue.

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Lethal Projectiles: Car Culture, Gun Violence, and Police Shootings

Matthew Lewis points out that departments of transportation and police departments are two of the least democratic institutions in American society right now– and are two of the biggest threats to public health.

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