Friday, September 22, 2023

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UAW: What We Stand To Gain, Vs. Lose, From The Threat Of A Strike.

Why do we always talk about strikes in terms of the bad it would do to the economy? What if instead we talked about the benefits and economic growth that would result from companies meeting labor demands?

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Labor for a Just Transition

Kristin Caffray writes about how central the labor movement is to the question of a just transition to decarbonization, and how this must involve everyone ranging from urban factory workers to rural coal miners in what might become a valuable and rare point of bipartisanship.

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In This Most Righteous Struggle: The St. Louis General Strike of 1877

Today, St. Louis commemorates 144 years since a violent labor struggle that saw widespread destruction and violence in the city and nearby areas, as part of the 1877 General Strike.

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