Sunday, December 3, 2023

police reform

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When Did The Police Become So, Uh, Anti-Law?

The latest insanity out of America’s Largest Strip Mall (a.k.a. Michigan) is the bold declaration of some police agencies in

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Idle Thoughts And Prayers: Why I’m Not Attending The CHARGE Energy Branding Conference in Texas

Nat has, for better or worse, cancelled his trip to an energy conference in the Lone Star State.

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Police Reform: Imagining New Roles For A Safer, More Functional Society

We expect police to respond to, well, everything. And they’re not suited for it. Rethinking policing in the United States will require us to figure out alternatives for who is responding to what issue.

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Lethal Projectiles: Car Culture, Gun Violence, and Police Shootings

Matthew Lewis points out that departments of transportation and police departments are two of the least democratic institutions in American society right now– and are two of the biggest threats to public health.

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Taxpayers Spend Hundreds of Millions Per Year On Police Brutality Settlements. That Money Could Be Better Spent.

A new article from FiveThirtyEight looks at the staggering sums of money taxpayers are liable for in police brutality lawsuit settlement in 31 American cities. The data are unsurprisingly incomplete, and unsurprisingly appalling.

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Nice To See You Again: DPD Back in Full Force

Detroit protests have been largely quiet since June. This changed last night when protesters downtown, challenging the new federal law enforcement intervention in Detroit being championed by Mike Duggan, Police Chief James Craig, and US Attorney General William Barr, were met with batons, pepper spray, and tear gas.

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