Wednesday, October 4, 2023



Southeast Michigan Dreams of Public Power

Municipalization of public utilities, transportation systems, and distribution systems for gas and electricity was all the rage about a century ago. Is it time to bring it back into vogue? A symposium looked at this question.

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SCOTUS Uses 14th Amendment To Kill Affirmative Action. What’s Next?

Affirmative action is officially dead, and the well-meaning liberal spin machine has already kicked into high gear to complain about how this signals the demise of racial justice in America. Thankfully, it’s far more complicated than that, and there are probably better solutions for us out there.

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Christmas 2022: Handbuilt City’s Naughty or Nice List

It’s time for the annual tradition of pointing out the winners and losers of the year in terms of who’s

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Solar Power and EV’s, If Your Local Grid Is Up For The Challenge

Power grids are complex things. Understanding the local grid capacity– as visualized by one mapping tool- can help us plan for things like rooftop solar or electric vehicle adoption.

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