Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Two Things Making The Internet Unusable In 2023

The tech sector is trying to both expand the use of artificial intelligence while clinging on to the dying days of an epic business cycle. Both are contributing to making the internet, IoT, and any consumer product even remotely connected to the internet, increasingly unusable, increasingly resource-intensive, and increasingly frustrating.

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Amazon, Lifeline or Scourge For Retail-Starved, Rural Communities?

Amazon is committed to a money-losing strategy to try and cop rural market share. But it’s not exactly a great deal for consumers, either. Looking at some examples from Maine and an example from California, we can learn a bit about the challenges facing retail in rural communities as well as how Amazon is (maybe) thinking about this issue.

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Business & Economics

Trying To Bump Up Those Margins? Have You Considered… Stealing?

Amazon has a long and sordid history of stealing the designs of companies that sell on its platform– and making their products themselves, to be sold at a lower price. One company decided to troll them in response.

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Streaming, Torrents, and Market Fragmentation: Will p2p Filesharing, Unlike The South, Rise Again?

Digital piracy has made a comeback in recent years as the market for content streaming becomes more crowded and more expensive, leading to serious questions about the long-term sustainability of the sector.

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