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YIMBY Meetup in April!

If you’re free on April 4th, we would love to see you at Batch Brewing for a YIMBY meetup. We will be talking about the YIMBY movement (its myriad virtues and challenges), policy and regulatory innovation in the housing space, and how we can use modular construction to rapidly build a lot of affordable housing with minimal to no public subsidy. I am eager to share some of the fun things I learned at YIMBYTown in Austin and to talk about the current work I’m doing with ADL around industrialized construction, and to connect with fellow urbanists, YIMBY or not, to talk about solutions for affordable housing development in Detroit and beyond.

YIMBY meetup: On April 4th, The Handbuilt City and ADL Ventures will host an event at Batch Brewing Company in Detroit to talk about how we can unlock housing opportunity using industrialized construction and regulatory innovation.

Please RSVP on Facebook or LinkedIn. Food will be provided by Batch’s stellar kitchen. The event will be free but as The Handbuilt City and ADL Ventures are footing the bill, I’d like to at least have an idea of how many people will be attending! YIMBY on!

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