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The End Of Coal: A War Without Belligerents

News broke last week that coal producer Wyoming-based Cloud Peak Energy is filing for bankruptcy. Let’s face it: the future of the dirty power source hasn’t looked bright for a solid decade now. Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling through “fracking” … Continue reading

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When Capital Speaks Louder Than, Well, Human Rights

Much ado was made about the so-called “bathroom bills” in North Carolina. Remember that story? Complacent Republican governor Pat McCrory signed into law a Republican legislative bill, the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, that would effectively force transgender citizens … Continue reading

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The Somewhat Unsurprising Struggle of Detroit’s Streetcar

Figures out this week show that Detroit’s QLINE streetcar, once heralded as a bringer of progress to our struggling city, show that ridership is a fraction of what it was projected to be, as reported this week by Detroit Metro … Continue reading

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April Showers Bring May Combined Sewer Overflows

I woke up several times last night to the sound of torrential rain drumming on the roof. The attic roof provides pretty good sound insulation, with about four inches of foam and what will eventually be a few more inches … Continue reading

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