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USGBC: Illinois LEEDs Green Construction!

The US Green Building Council announced that Illinois and the District of Columbia led the nation in new square footage per person of LEED construction. Illinois came in second behind D.C. (or, the first-ranked bona fide state, if we’re using … Continue reading

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Show A Building Some Love This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to take a more lighthearted approach to the highly technical field of building science with some maxims of high performance architectural romance. Learn a bit about the passive house design standard in designing and retrofitting … Continue reading

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Safer Streets: Community-Driven Commuting

This past Friday morning as I stopped at a light on my bicycle, another cyclist rolled up next to me and commented on the unusual number of drivers using the bike lane as another travel lane and making thoughtless turns. Living in … Continue reading

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Clever Crowdfunding: Risk, Regulation, and Social Capital

The crowdfunding movement raises many questions about how to protect investors from fraud or risk. A recent article on CrowdClan discusses the debate between “self-attestation” by investors, that is, a fairly typical process wherein investors declare information about themselves and … Continue reading

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