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Detroit Park City, No. 2: West Larned (2/52)

Any effort to address the Motor City’s glut of surface parking might well start, ironically, downtown. At the risk of becoming a broken record, I’ve often tried to explore the economic and geographic realities that negate the oft-repeated tropes of … Continue reading

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Detroit Park City, No. 1: Mexican Village (1/52)

In my last post I introduced Detroit Park City, a planning research project focusing on the positive potential of converting parking lots to buildings. I’m hoping you have by the time of this post drunk the Kool-Aid and agree that … Continue reading

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Creative or Consumer Class? On inequality in urban growth

The media may thankfully be catching up with the dark economic underbelly of the mythos of urban prosperity, perhaps evidenced through a couple of articles based on a study by Jessie Handbury, an economist at Penn’s Wharton School. “[W]hen when high-skilled, … Continue reading

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Planned Demolition in La Porte

The NWI Times reports that a historic church in La Porte, Indiana is going to be demolished sometime this month. While we typically limit ourselves to Lake County, we begrudgingly concede that there is a world that exists outside Lake … Continue reading

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