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The Wealth Gap, Scarcity Thinking, and the Coming Robots

President Donald Trump announced this week as Made in America week, showcasing and promoting domestic manufacturing. He played in a fire truck and ranted about the need to bring manufacturing back from foreign countries. Much of the criticism I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Richard Florida on Optimistic Urbanism versus Pessimistic Urbanism

Richard Florida had a recent interview in the Chronicle of Higher Education where he continued to unpack the fraught complexities behind his Creative Class theory. We all know the theory, which observed the processes through which creative young people can and do … Continue reading

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Creative or Consumer Class? On inequality in urban growth

The media may thankfully be catching up with the dark economic underbelly of the mythos of urban prosperity, perhaps evidenced through a couple of articles based on a study by Jessie Handbury, an economist at Penn’s Wharton School. “[W]hen when high-skilled, … Continue reading

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